In this section we will start revealing our innovative onboard entertainment program. This is only a taste of what we are preparing so check back in often for exciting updates. More news soon!

DAY 1 BARCELONA - 29/09/2018


Welcome aboard! It's time to check in and discover your new home for the next seven days. Leave your luggage in your stateroom, but don’t get too comfy just yet! We have prepared a spectacular opening night for you featuring performances by international DJ legends ICONA POP. This dynamic duo will provide your evening entertainment with their signature electropop melodies laid over house beats. The party begins the minute you step onboard Open Sea Cruises!

DAY 2 AT SEA - 30/09/2018


Let's heat things up and take to the stage! Burlesque, comedy, and sexy circus performances await on the second night of your cruise vacation. What's more, the famous synth-pop boyband KAZAKY will make an appearance with a spectacular, sultry dance show! Following the performances will be a special cabaret-themed party. We invite you to come, bringing your sexiest attitude and your most daring outfits. Who knows how the night will end?

DAY 3 AJACCIO - 01/10/2018


It's time for Eurovision night! Europe's hottest song contest draws contestants from all over the continent every year, culminating in a night of glamorous performances, hilarious commentary, and the hottest parties of the year. No matter where you're from, pick a side, wave your flag, and rock out to a night full of legendary Eurovision hits! As if that weren't enough, 2012 Eurovision winner LOREEN will join us for a special performance. Stay tuned for more shows by Eurovision stars throughout the cruise!

DAY 4 TOULON - 02/10/2018


Who doesn't miss the 90's? Experience a throwback party to the era of cassette tapes, videos on VHS, Jurassic Park, and neon colors. The soundtrack for your evening will be provided by none other than the VENGABOYS, one of the most iconic Eurodance pop groups to come out of the decade! We'll continue the night with retro pop and European hits that will keep you up dancing all night long.

DAY 5 PALAMÓS - 03/10/2018


Be our guest! On your fifth night on board, we'll be hosting a traditional gala dinner on the ship. Don your finest suit and enjoy an evening of full glamour with the captain and crew. Tonight, you'll be graced by not one but two Eurovision legends: Goddess of the Mediterranean and 2018 Eurovision runner-up ELENI FOUREIRA will perform her greatest hits, followed by the one and only CONCHITA + BAND, the most famous drag queen to ever come out of Austria. These acts are sure to make for an absolutely fabulous night on board.

DAY 6 IBIZA - 04/10/2018


Can you feel the island's pulse? Finally, we're here, and it's time to get the party started! The evening will begin with a snazzy White Night party onboard where we'll rock out to an exclusive DJ set by all-American drag icon RUPAUL. Later, we'll go ashore and continue the party at one of Ibiza's most amazing gay clubs. It will be a night filled with hot boys, cold drinks, and good vibes, all beneath the Mediterranean moon. Don't forget to wear white!

DAY 7 IBIZA - 05/10/2018


We've arrived at our destination and it's time to say goodbye, so we're going out with a bang! We'll continue with one last party, so you can enjoy one last night together with all the friends you've made during the cruise. It will be a night to remember, so have fun, be safe, and be prepared to make memories that will last a lifetime!


What makes Open Sea unique? In addition to our incredible night parties, you can also take part in many activities during the daytime: outdoor workouts, conferences, workshops, cultural visits, cooking, pool parties, and a lot more!

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